Best Practices for Sports Teams

So you’re ready to get your sports team on GroupSpot. Before you do, we have a few tips to make that first touch engaging for team members.

Get started by telling the sports world who you are!

As the owner of the group, there are a few decisions you need to make before sending out invites. First, you need to create an identity for your new group. This starts with tapping into your team’s existing artwork and/or logos. You can even include a description of the group for those who need the extra push before joining.

At the same time, you need to decide how private you want your group, who can post content, and whether you want your group to be visible in search. Those decisions are yours. And if you change your mind after the fact, they are easy to update.

Once you’ve laid the foundation, you need to add content to your feed. You definitely want a robust content feed before you start asking people to join the group. This is the first thing people see. Here are a few tips:

Start building your team identity

Customize your privacy settings

Make sure you nail your voice when publishing.

When you publish content on GroupSpot, you can post on behalf of your group or post as yourself. For example, communications like game content or booster activities are better suited coming from the group whereas a comment to a post is better to come from you, the individual.

Post as yourself or on behalf of your group

Be creative with the content.

Often times, there seems to be a lot of great content around but never in the same place. The local paper and school news are great places to locate relevant content. That coupled with traditional game preview content like team records, streaks, or recent game results give context. And go one step further with a coach or player quote.

Also important to some teams are booster activities and former player updates. Everything from concession stand signups to alumni player spotlights engage an audience.

Photos are also a big driver for engagement. When you have an army of team photographers, you have the ability to create game photo albums, both private and shared. Shared photo albums just gives anyone at the big game the ability to add their photos. Just be strategic about putting one of your better photos on the cover of your album to increase interest. Finally, consider the number of photos you share in an album. There is a fine line between overwhelming and underwhelming your members with photos.

Create a private or shared photo album

Other members can share to your album.

Games and Rosters are two additional great sources of content for sports teams.

Before sending any team invites, we’d recommend getting all your upcoming games in the app. Reviewing the game schedule is one of the first things people will do. These games will appear on both your Calendar and Games pages. Equally important, Rosters are a great feature to have in place when people start arriving to the group. Even just starting with the player name is a win. Eventually, you will add other relevant details like numbers, position, and class. To take your Roster over-the-top, add a photo captured on team picture day. These player cards look like the old trading cards with all the key player info and their parent info.

Upcoming games and results

Full rosters and player profiles.

You’re now ready to open the gates and get the team onboard.

At this point, you’re feeling good about your new home on GroupSpot. Your feed is full of great content, the calendar is up-to-date, and the Games and Roster are filled in. Now it’s time to start sending out invites. The invite process on GroupSpot is fluid and flexible whether you want to send a text, email or link. It helps when a Coach or booster sends out an email to the team letting them know you’re moving to GroupSpot this season, coupled with the invite link. This is a good starting place.

It helps to remember that for Public Groups and Public Groups requiring approvals, the same invite link can be used for all members. However, for Private Groups each member will need their own unique invite link to ensure only the correct people are allowed to join.

Invite members to join

The team is onboard, they are happy, but now what?

There are a few things we recommend you do from this point forward. First, create a regular cadence of content. Try and avoid big gaps in the calendar so you’re always giving your team reason to check the app. Remind them it’s very easy to adjust your notifications in case you want alerts when there is new content, posts, or messages.

Next, when it comes to games on your calendar, we recommend moving those games to your main feed as you get closer to game day. Further, these posts are easy to edit if you want to add context to the game post and even more fun when you add photos. Also GroupSpot has made it easy to give content more visibility as needed. You can bump existing content to the top of the feed by priority order or even more permanent, you can pin a post to the top of your feed and it stays there until you unpin the post.

Lastly, use notifications to give your content an extra push when necessary. It might be a game day task list where you need extra volunteers or the team apparel store is closing and you want to make people aware or there is lightning so the game has been cancelled.

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