Book Clubs on GroupSpot

While other apps are focused on selling you books and collecting your data, GroupSpot’s only interest is your Book Club. We make your monthly meetings great by sharing important details like discussion topics, RSVP, and host messages. We’ve also created a home for your past books where you can access, rate, and review any book ever read by your Book Club.

Virtual Book Clubs

Reflecting the increasingly digital and remote nature of people today, virtual book clubs are great for like minded people who want to engage but can’t or prefer not to meet in-person. Whether you physically meet in-person or virtually meet online, GroupSpot gives any book club organizer the tools to succeed.

Book Club Meeting

Nail your next Book Club meeting. GroupSpot lets you easily share information about the featured book, venue and key event details in one location. It’s also easy to include RSVP to get an accurate headcount, task list if it’s a BYO meeting, and any important messages from the host like dress code for theme nights. And finally, when you’ve forgotten which month you signed up to host, you can now find that answer in your group calendar.

Repository of Past Books

Does your Book Club’s master list of past books live in an excel spreadsheet with your group organizer? Wish you could easily access and review these books on your time? Now you can. GroupSpot keeps a record of all your past books, including title, author, synopsis, discussion topics, ratings, and reviews in one central archive.

Discussion Topics

Discussion topics were created to help the moderator start the book conversation. They can be provided by the meeting host or suggested by the members. Either way, members can comment on discussion topics before, during, or after your Book Club meeting.

Ratings & Reviews

GroupSpot increases engagement and fosters discussion by providing the ability to rate and review your books, both past and present. You can now see how books performed and which were favorites of the group.

RSVP & Availability

Whether you’re preparing your monthly meeting or special edition Book Club event, having an accurate headcount is important for planning purposes. GroupSpot lets you easily RSVP and check availability with any meeting or calendar event.

Shared Photo Albums

Do you ever capture photos from your Book Club meetings, events or parties? Good luck getting those photos in one place without a huge hassle. GroupSpot gives you the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that members can contribute to and download from this centrally located archive.

Mass Communication

GroupSpot covers all your mobile communication needs: push notifications, in-app alerts, & emails. If the monthly Book Club meeting is cancelled due to school conflict, you can easily notify everyone with the push of a button. No more worrying about gathering contact details and managing unwieldy contact lists.

Direct Messaging

While your feed is perfect for the more formal posts, chat is great for the light, quick hitters. GroupSpot provides a full-featured, multi-person chat experience. You can chat 1:1, multi-person, or with the entire group.

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