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There's nothing like supporting your local club or home team. Show your support by getting on a platform that brings your media, team operations, and club support under one roof in a single app on GroupSpot. Watch your team network expand from current players, coaches, and immediate family, to include former players, alumni, extended family, and fans.

Team Communications

There are plenty of apps that handle team management but none like GroupSpot that are perfectly suited for Booster Clubs. We know teams come in all shapes and sizes and their needs vary. So when it comes to team communications, a platform designed to maximize flexibility and utility is required. GroupSpot handles those needs by giving you the tools to enhance team coverage while also serving as your new home for all your booster activities.

Enhanced Team Coverage

While most team apps are only focused on the team’s upcoming game schedules and player availability, GroupSpot gives you more ways to cover your team. Looking for an easy way to consume your overall team record, results, and scores? Check. Would you like to subgroup your program’s roster and game schedule into Varsity, JV and Frosh? Check. And finally, how about team chat for last minute schedule changes or a repository for your game day photo albums? Check. With GroupSpot, expand your team coverage like never before.

Home for Your Booster Activities

Unlike other apps whose sole focus is the team, GroupSpot is the perfect home for your booster operations. We understand the needs of the team are not always met by the school, and when that’s the case, the team needs the boosters to step in and support. Think about all the booster activations that need coordination and communication: the fundraisers, the team store, the game journal, the pasta dinners, and the end-of-season banquets. It’s a lot. Now you can create the ultimate team hub by combining the best team content with your most important booster activations in one single app solution on GroupSpot.

Main Feed vs Chat

On GroupSpot, you have a main feed for your bigger ticket booster activations that need coordination and communication: fundraisers, the team store, the game journal, the pasta dinners, and the end-of-season banquets. And then there’s chat for the lighter, every day back-and-forth. Once you’re on the platform, you can navigate easily between the two depending on the nature of the communication.


Post Author

GroupSpot gives you the option to post as the voice of your group or yourself. For example, team communications such as a game preview or the team store is open for business works well coming from the team (e.g., Ramapo Football) whereas commenting on a post is more appropriate coming from you the individual.


If you’re a high school sports booster program, GroupSpot lets you create Varsity, JV, and Freshman subteams within the larger group. This is especially useful when you want to look at rosters, game schedules and results by team. Subteams are also helpful at the youth level when junior programs get divided by grade or talent level.

Sister Groups

In much the same way that subgroups help make inter-group communication more efficient, sister groups do so on a large scale. If you oversee a program-wide booster operation, with multiple age groups for both genders, you can broadcast your message across all groups in a single post. This is great for things like program-wide fundraising efforts or team apparel sales.

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