Families on GroupSpot

Share meaningful moments and big wins with the wider family: curtain call at the grade school play, mom crossing the finish line in the local 5k, and dad’s epic fail on the trampoline. And in between, GroupSpot ensures you’re on top of family birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries.


Tired of missing your mother-in-law’s birthday or forgetting your best friend’s anniversary? Never miss another birthday, anniversary, graduation, or other important celebration again. With Celebrations, you can stay on top of your most important dates, helping you stay closer to those who matter most.


Finally, an app that lets you keep tabs on your cousin’s cats and best friend’s hamster! Seriously though, we love our pets and they need a special home on GroupSpot too. So, we created a place where you can share cute cat photos, comment on doggie posts, or scroll through a pet directory of all your favorite furry or feathery or scaly friends.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam is the place to remember and celebrate loved ones. Whether you’re a family, alumni association, rotary club or other group looking to remember past members, you can now preserve your history. Share your favorite photos and memories as well as the heartfelt remarks made at the time of passing.


Are all your best keepsakes buried in your attic collecting dust? Ours were too, until now… With Keepsakes, all your great historical content -- old photos, degrees, love letters, and other family heirlooms -- will be preserved and now featured in this digital scrapbook.

Shared Albums

Do you ever capture photos from family gatherings, events or parties? Good luck getting all those photos in one place without a huge hassle. GroupSpot gives you the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that all family members can contribute to and download from this centrally located archive.

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