The Blueprints to a Successful School Group

Before you start building your school group on GroupSpot, we have a few suggestions on how to make that first touch engaging for new members.

Where your story begins

Creating your group starts with telling the school community who you are and what you’re up to. This means creating an identity for your new group. First, you’ll need a name and logo. Tap into existing photos or artwork for your group header and avatar, or create new.

Then, you’ll need to decide how private you want your group, who can post content, and whether you want your group visible in search. Those decisions are yours. And if you change your mind after the fact, no worries, these settings are easy to update.

Start building your school identity

Customize your privacy settings

Adding details

Once you’ve set the general parameters for your group, you can add detail to further enhance your story. Add a short headline, an about description, rules for the group, and even membership questions. A snapshot summary of your group lives on your group detail page which is an easy-to-digest great resource for members.

With the foundation for your new group all laid out, we highly recommend adding content to your feed before you start the invite process. Your feed is the first thing people see. Use the toolbelt GroupSpot provides to make your feed sing! Here’s how:

Access your group settings page

Tell members about your group

The right voice for the right narrative

When you create content on GroupSpot, you can choose which profile the post will come from, either you representing the group or yourself.. Most communications like school events or general announcements are better suited coming from the group. But if you’re dealing with a subset of the larger group (subgroups), you may want the post to come from you, the individual.

Post as yourself or on behalf of your school group

Be creative with the content.

Schools are loaded with great content. There’s always something on the calendar: concerts, plays, science fairs, field days, parent meetings, and more. And when new events are added, you can designate whether your post hits the main feed and calendar or the calendar only You’re in the driver’s seat.

When it comes to creating content, school groups need a dynamic platform that serves their many needs. This includes the flexibility to add to posts. GroupSpot gives you all the tools to create great content while staying on GroupSpot: signups, forms, polls, attachments, RSVP, etc.

Create a volunteer signup for the upcoming field trip, make a parent survey with forms, take a poll on key issues, add an attachment for the new after-school program, and include an RSVP to get an accurate headcount. GroupSpot is the Swiss Army Knife of group communications.

Up-to-date events calendar

Make each post stand out with add-ons

Mobile directory custom feature

If your school community wants to go beyond group communications, or you’re looking for something to provide members for paying their dues, you may want to explore adding a mobile directory. This special feature gives you access to students, parents, and faculty. And even though GroupSpot does not solicit advertising, we’ve created a platform to let schools secure their advertisers to help raise funds to support the programs that didn’t fit the school budget. Since this is highly sensitive, custom data, GroupSpot would work directly with the school organization and school districts to make this feature possible.

Everything you'd want in a school directory

Find exactly who you're looking for

Time to blow the doors open!

At this point, your feed is looking great and your calendar is up-to-date. Now it’s time to start sending invites. The invite process on GroupSpot is fluid and flexible, whether you want to send an email, text, or link. While it is nice to have options, in most cases, anemail announcement is the easiest way to capture people’s attention, letting them know school communications can now be found on GroupSpot.

Invite members to join

Parents and staff are on board. Everyone’s happy, now what?

There are a few things we recommend from this point forward. First, create a regular cadence of content. This shouldn’t be a problem since schools are always busy. Next, when it comes to events on your calendar, we recommend moving these events to your main feed as you get closer to the date. You can also set reminders on your event posts to keep engagement steady.

Also, GroupSpot has made it easy to give content more visibility as needed. You can bump existing content to the top of the feed by priority order. Or even more permanent, you can pin a post to the top of your feed and it stays there until you release the pin. Lastly, use your notifications to give your content an extra boost when needed. You have push notifications, in-app alerts, and emails at your fingertips. . You might need last minute parent volunteers for the next day’s book fair, the school store might be closing, or the welcome back BBQ has been postponed due to inclement weather. Notifications are great for grabbing people’s attention.

By reading this far, you’ve mastered the class. Unfortunately, we can’t push the buttons for you, but we can give you every tool in the book to stay ahead and elevate your school communications. Good luck building your Supergroup!

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