Scoring an Internship with GroupSpot

We know it’s hard to land that ‘thing’ you want when you’re young and have no experience. It could be an exclusive school club, fraternity, internship, or even that first job. But if you have a great attitude and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, you can get that experience through our internship program at GroupSpot. Come and join our team as this high flying tech startup is ready for take off.

At GroupSpot, we’ve built a powerful, one-stop, singleplatform solution for real life groups and their communication needs. We’re at a point where growing our audience is one of our most important priorities. You will be on the front lines helping us achieve this goal once you meet the following criteria:

  • We need to know you can easily navigate GroupSpot
    As such, you need to be an owner or admin of a real group. This can be a school organization, Greek life, intramural sports team, faith group, or any other real life group, club, or association.
  • You will need to be comfortable getting groups up-and-running on GroupSpot
    Once we’ve provided the training and you’ve joined a few live Zooms, you will be running on your own. In the meantime, providing warm introductions to groups who might consider GroupSpot, is a great way to get started.
  • You need to be a self-starter
    A good portion of this internship will be independent development work that can be done when your schedule allows. We will work with you to build a roadmap with timelines and deliverables that don’t interfere with your student life. This internship should be fun and rewarding, not stressful and unproductive.

In addition to helping us grow our audience, we want your feedback. It could be on product, market research, marketing materials, or whatever. We want you engaged. Your voice will be heard.

Interns who complete the program walk away with hands-on experience across mobile, new media, marketing, sales, and group organization. You will also have a tangible body-of-work to showcase and talk about your experience. Further, you will have a great resume builder and work reference upon successful completion of the program. And if you exceed expectations, we will take a hard look at finding you a permanent role at GroupSpot.

So if you like what you’ve heard, you have the basic requirements covered, and you want to explore this internship further, request a Zoom meeting by emailing us at:

We look forward to hearing from you.

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