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Music Groups on GroupSpot were designed to bring your music community together while streamlining communications. Whether you’re a marching band, a capella group, or a full blown orchestra, GroupSpot helps you stay in sync and hit the high notes!

When the bright lights go on, you’re ready for primetime.

Find important events, rehearsals, and competition details in your group calendar

Build your music group roster and add students, parents, alumni or staff

Celebrate and preserve winning scores and records on music group-specific scoreboards

Create shared photo albums so anyone can add a photo of a performance, bus rides, or students just having fun!

Bring your network of students, parents, and administrators under one roof in one app with seamless communications

Events, Rehearsals, & Competitions

GroupSpot preserves your results, full schedule, and upcoming competitions. It’s just as easy to schedule a rehearsal for Friday night’s football game as it is to schedule next month's recital. Make note of your competition window, performance time, and arrival time in a single post. Create signups when you need parent volunteers, forms for student registration, and push notifications, in-app alerts or email for mass communications.

Customized Rosters

Whether you’re looking up a band member or trying to connect with their parents, Rosters are a great resource for any music group. They are especially helpful with bands who don’t have numbers on their uniforms but instead rely on roster attributes like instrument, section, and class. Choose what you want displayed on your roster cards, including any custom fields.


Post Author

GroupSpot gives you the option to post as the voice of the music group or yourself. For example, competitions and rehearsals make sense coming from the group, whereas commenting on a post is more appropriate coming from you, the individual.


Subgroups allow admins to parse communications into smaller groups within the larger group. This is especially effective when music groups have so many moving parts. Your posts and notifications can be tailored and sent to the full group or just a subgroup.

Sister Groups

In much the same way subgroups make group communication more efficient, sister groups do so on a larger scale. If you want to connect with another music group or other like group like your band boosters organization, now you can. Individual posts in one group can be cross-posted to both groups at the same time. This is especially helpful with cross-promotions like big ticket event fundraisers, competitions and securing volunteers.

Shared Albums

GroupSpot gives music groups the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that all members can contribute to and download from a centrally located album. This is an especially engaging feature around performances, team trips, or any other shared experience.

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