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Nonprofits are busy doing important work in the community. They need an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop platform for their communications and operations. Schedule meetings, post meeting minutes, vote on important matters, pin by-laws, save presentations, and most importantly, create engagement between the monthly meetings. GroupSpot is here to serve their many needs.

Main Feed vs Chat

On GroupSpot, you have a main feed for your bigger ticket items like events, meetings, attachments, signups and more. And then there’s chat for the lighter, every day back-and-forth. Once you’re on the platform, you can navigate easily between the two depending on the nature of the communication.


We make creating and managing standalone and recurring events a walk in the park. From dressing up your events with photos, location, and RSVP, to adding signups, forms and polls. You can even add custom automated event reminders to set it and forget it, or adjust the status of the meeting if things suddenly change.


Subgroups allow admins to parse communications into smaller groups within the larger group. This is especially effective when a nonprofit is made up of committees. Your posts and notifications can be tailored to the full group or just a subgroup.


In addition to your member directory, nonprofits also like to use the roster feature which gives a great visual representation of your board or membership. You can also customize your roster attributes to match your nonprofit. For example, if you’re an alumni association, you may want ‘graduation year’ as one of your roster attributes.

Helping Nonprofits Serve Their Community

"As the newly elected President of the Ridgewood High School Alumni Association, I was looking for fresh ideas to take our nonprofit work to the next level. One area I was focused on was ramping up our internal communications and getting more engagement from our trustees between our monthly meetings. We were largely still on email and I knew there was a more efficient and effective way to stay connected.

GroupSpot first caught my attention when all the school HSAs in my town started using their platform. I was checking the high school feed to get a pulse of what was going on at the school. The first thing I noticed is that the content popped off the screen. It was dynamic, mobile, and they were using many features I could see us using: monthly meetings, RSVPs, volunteer signups, repositories for meeting minutes and key presentations. I also liked having the traditional feed for the formal content and chat for the less formal conversations.

We took the dive and haven’t looked back. No more email clutter, no more endless threads. All of our important business lives in a single app solution. Engagement is up between meetings: trustees are sharing updates, presentations are archived, and committees are setting up group chats. Most importantly, the app has brought us closer together as a team. If you’re looking to take your communications to the next level, I would highly recommend GroupSpot."

Bill McCabePresident, Ridgewood High School Alumni Association

Pinned Posts

Give special posts some extra visibility with a pin. By-laws, strategic priorities, meeting minutes, or even a key vote might merit a pinned post to the top of your feed.


Attachments are easy to add to any post. Just hit the plus button when creating a post, select ‘Attachment’, and then add that important file to your post. Save key presentations, monthly meeting minutes, or any other key document in a dedicated archive of all your attachments, making them easy to find and access when needed.

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