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Making the Grade with Your School Communications

Our schools are extremely busy behind-the-scenes. Schedules are changing daily. Keeping up with the emails and texts can be a challenge. At a time when things are changing quickly, streamlined communication is paramount. Our community of parent volunteers who make up the HSAs, PTOs, & PTAs, deserve a communications platform they can rely on and serve their many needs. Hello GroupSpot!

Mobile DirectoryCustom Feature

Paper directories are a keepsake of the past. Parents today expect immediate access to their school directories on their phones. More than just a great resource for school communications, GroupSpot has built a robust platform for school directories. Open your directory and find a landing page which includes access to students, parents, and faculty, as well as headline school information, committees, and school partners. Since each school district is unique with its own custom data, interested HSAs, PTOs, & PTAs would need to contact GroupSpot directly on how to get started with their mobile directory inquiries.

Request more information on how to get started.

Mass Communication

Notify members of important information with push notifications, in-app alerts, or emails. When the school BBQ is cancelled due to poor weather, you can easily notify everyone with the push of a button. On the advanced side, you can target mass communications across a matrix of sister groups and their respective subgroups.

Member Administration

Even the greatest parent volunteers need help running their school groups. GroupSpot lets you easily promote members to admin or co-owner status. And when the school year comes to a close and it’s time to assign new leadership, you can easily step down to admin or member status.


Post Author

GroupSpot gives you the option to post as the voice of the school group or yourself. For example, school events and announcements fit nicely under the school group voice whereas commenting on a post is more appropriate coming from an individual.


Subgroups allow admins to parse communications into smaller groups within the larger group (parents, staff, etc.). Communications can now be appropriately tailored to cut down the noise. GroupSpot knows there are plenty of times when you want to reach a subgroup of the wider program and now you can.

Sister Groups

In much the same way subgroups make group communication more efficient, sister groups do so on a larger scale. If you oversee the local elementary school, but looking to connect with the middle school you can now connect the groups. This is especially helpful with cross-school initiatives like fund-raising, advertising and securing volunteers.

RSVP & Availability

It doesn’t matter if it’s the class birthday party, the big field trip, or a closed parent meeting, GroupSpot helps you get an accurate headcount for your gathering.


Schools have a laundry list of calendar events which need signup support. GroupSpot lets you attach a signup to any post. Whether it’s parent volunteers for the next field trip or supplies for the upcoming class project, creating a signup is simple. You can assign blocks of time to your tasks or assign tasks to specific group members. And when time is running out and you need to fill your signup sheet, just send a push notification to your group.


Creating a form and gathering information from your group members has never been easier. With an easy-to-view results page, you now have the information at your fingertips. You can even generate a PDF and print from your phone. This is especially helpful with program registrations, merchandise orders, and school surveys.


Looking for a steer from your membership on an open question? GroupSpot allows you to easily create polls which can help guide operations on key issues.

File Attachments

Schools offer so many programs and events that get packaged into attachments. GroupSpot lets you add attachments to any post. When creating a post, just hit the plus button, and add that important file. And when you need to find an attachment from months ago, just search by date in Attachments found in your Group Menu.

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