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Whether you’re an organized team playing competitive ball, a casual group of friends playing pickup, or a fully supported booster club, GroupSpot brings the team together like never before. Elevate your game and get to the finish ahead of the competition with GroupSpot.

Best Practices for Teams

Keeping your team organized is no easy task, so here are a few best practice tips to help your team get ahead.

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Great for Booster Clubs!

Combine the best team content with your most important booster activities like fundraisers.

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GroupSpot provides a full-featured, robust, multi-person chat experience. You can have personal chats (1:1 & multi-person) or group/team chats (entire team). Private chats are easy to initiate from the Messages home screen, the member directory, or a roster contact card.

Mass Communication

GroupSpot delivers every type of team communication: push notifications, in-app alerts, & emails. If you have to cancel the game due to poor weather, you can easily notify everyone with the push of a button. No more worrying about gathering contact details and managing unwieldy contact lists. And if you go next level, you can target a mass communication across a matrix of sister groups and their respective subgroups.

Successful pilot opens doors to other teams and clubs

“GroupSpot ran their first sports team pilot with our football team who had a miracle season. Over the course of the season, that community grew to well north of 400 members and continues to grow. That success opened the doors for other teams like volleyball, wrestling, tennis, cheer, boys and girls basketball and lacrosse. Even the marching band and a few academic teams are now on GroupSpot. We’ve gone so far as to create a Sports Internship Program with GroupSpot. This gives kids who have a passion for sports, technology, content, and journalism the opportunity to cover their favorite school teams.”

Keith CookHigh School Athletic Director

Team Rosters

Whether you’d like to know who just made the big play or who you’re sitting next to in the stands, rosters on GroupSpot have replaced the unwieldy lanyards once needed at games. They're easy to use and as self-service as a coach wants them to be. When they join a team, parents and players can create a roster spot or attach themselves to an existing one. And, of course, coaches can edit, delete and merge any roster entry at any time.

Player Profiles

On GroupSpot, players have in-depth roster profiles. All the relevant stats like jersey number, position, and class are displayed. And we offer the ability to create custom fields so that you can tailor your roster to your exact needs. Additionally, you get access to player and parental contact information, which is especially helpful for coaches, or parents just looking to car pool.

Games, Matches, & Competitions

GroupSpot provides a quick snapshot of your team results, full schedule, and upcoming matchups. And if you’re a program with multiple teams (e.g., Varsity, JV, Frosh), you can easily sort by subgroup so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.


Post Author

When you post as the owner or admin of your group, GroupSpot gives you the option to post as the voice of your group or yourself. For example, team news such as upcoming schedule, results and albums fits nicely under the team voice (e.g., Ramapo Football) whereas commenting on a post is more appropriate coming from you the individual.


If you’re a high school sports program, GroupSpot lets you create Varsity, JV, and Freshman subteams within the larger group. This is especially useful when you want to look at rosters or game schedules/results by team. Subteams are also helpful at the youth level when junior programs get divvied up by grade or talent level.

Sister Groups

In much the same way that subgroups help make inter-group communication more efficient, sister groups do so on a larger scale. If you oversee a program with multiple age groups for both genders, you can broadcast your message across all groups in a single post. This is great for things like a program-wide fundraising effort or team apparel sales.

Shared Photo Albums

GroupSpot gives sports teams the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that all members can contribute to and download from a centrally located album. This is an especially engaging feature on game day, team parties, or any other shared experience.

Great for Booster Clubs

Create the ultimate, digital team hub by combining the best team content (news, scores, rosters, availability, and schedule) with your most important booster activations (fundraisers, team store, end-of-season banquet, and more).

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When the season’s over and you’re ready to move on, GroupSpot lets you easily roll one season into the next. Preserve your best content (posts, game results, rosters, etc.), while making the transition to the new season seamless for team members.

RSVP & Availability

On GroupSpot, RSVP and Player Availability extend to both players and all group members. So you can have an accurate player headcount for the big game, but also a headcount for the end-of-season BBQ which includes everyone (players, parents, extended family, coaches, etc.).

Task Lists

GroupSpot allows you to attach a task list to any post. You can even assign blocks of time and specific members to the tasks. It’s also easy to undo these assignments if things change. With teams, this is especially helpful on game day when you’re looking for volunteers to run the concession stand, the clock, or keep the score book.

Directions to Away Games

When you attach a location to a game or practice post, it’s automatically geo-coded. Just tap the location icon and it takes you right to your driving directions.

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