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or many students, joining a student organization is a critical part of campus life because it’s a primary way students build friendships. Whether it's a service organization, an intramural team, a glee club, or even a fraternity or sorority, new communities come together through shared interests and activities, creating bonds that lay the framework for a lifetime of friendship. GroupSpot plays a small role in bringing these communities together in meaningful ways.

Main Feed vs Chat

When it comes to your communications, start by choosing between your main feed and chat. The main feed is great for the traditional, bigger ticket items like events, meetings, attachments, and volunteer signups. And chat is great for the lighter, back-and-forth banter. Once you’re on the platform, you can easily navigate between the two depending on the nature of the communication.

Mass Communication

Notify your fellow members of important information with push notifications, in-app alerts, or emails. When the team BBQ is cancelled due to poor weather, you can easily notify everyone with the push of a button. On the advanced side, you can target mass communications across a matrix of sister groups and their respective subgroups.

Shared Photo Albums

GroupSpot gives you the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that all members can contribute to and download from a centrally located repository. This is an especially engaging feature around big events, competitions, team trips, or any other shared experience.


GroupSpot allows you to attach a signup to any post. You can even assign blocks of time and specific members to the tasks. It’s also easy to undo these assignments if things change. With student organizations, this is especially helpful managing student volunteers in an easy and effective way without the back-and-forth.


Post Author

GroupSpot gives you the option to post as the voice of the student organization or yourself. For example, school events and announcements fit nicely under the school group voice whereas commenting on a post is more appropriate coming from an individual.


Subgroups allow admins to parse communications into smaller groups within the larger group (leadership, committees, members, etc.). Communications can now be appropriately tailored to cut down the noise. GroupSpot knows there are plenty of times when you want to reach a subgroup of the wider program and now you can.

Sister Groups

In much the same way subgroups make group communication more efficient, sister groups do so on a larger scale. If you oversee the local chapter of your sorority, but you’re looking to connect with a sister chapter, you can now connect the groups. This is especially helpful with cross-organization initiatives like fund-raising, advertising and securing volunteers.

Mix-in Features From Other Group Types

And if your student organization is a tight knit group that is interested in adding some light touch, high trust, fun features, here’s two we recommend:


Tired of missing your pledge brother’s birthday or forgetting your best friend’s graduation? Never miss another birthday, graduation, anniversary or other important celebration again. With Celebrations, you can stay on top of your most important dates, helping you stay closer to those who matter most.


Finally, an app that lets you keep tabs on your teammate’s cat and best friend’s hamster! Seriously though, we love our pets and they need a special home on GroupSpot too. So, we created a place where you can share cute cat photos, comment on doggie posts, or scroll through a pet directory of all your favorite furry or feathery or scaly friends.

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