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Running any team is hard work. GroupSpot eases the burden by giving you the tools to be your best. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a marching band, ultimate frisbee club, a cappella group, or an academic team, you’re equipped to elevate your team communications and operations. Organizing has never been easier.

A Tool Belt Designed for Any Team

We know teams come in all shapes and sizes. GroupSpot's flexible design and robust feature set help these teams get ahead. Finally, a platform that makes everyone a winner.

Oh, and GroupSpot works great for sports teams too…

It doesn’t matter wether you’re a volleyball club, tennis squad, or football team, GroupSpot gives you all the tools to get ahead of the competition. Finally, a platform that makes everyone a winner.

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Helping the Band Stay In Tune

“I was first introduced to GroupSpot through our high school football team who was on the app. I was at the football games, overseeing our marching band, and people were talking about this new team app GroupSpot. It got me thinking that perhaps GroupSpot might be a good home for us to organize our Band program.

We took the plunge and decided to try it out for our biggest Band trip of the year, a one week, 150 student / 15 chaperone trip to California. And this turned out to be a terrific decision. Whether it was the direct messaging amongst chaperones, notifications helping the larger group keep on schedule, or photos albums where both students and staff could share to, everything worked seamlessly. Even parents 2,000 miles away stayed connected to the trip thanks to GroupSpot. We're excited to tell our Band community we’re rolling out GroupSpot to the wider Band program next fall.”

John LuckenbillHigh School Band Director

Shared Photo Albums

GroupSpot gives teams the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that all members can contribute to and download from a centrally located album. This is an especially engaging feature around competitions, team trips, or any other shared experience.

Games, Matches, & Competitions

GroupSpot provides a quick snapshot of your team results, full schedule, and upcoming matchups. And if you’re a program or group with multiple teams (e.g., Varsity, JV, Frosh), you can easily sort by subgroup so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.

Team Rosters

Whether you’re trying to get to know a teammate better or you’re looking for their contact information, Rosters are a great resource for any team. This is especially helpful with teams who don’t have the traditional jersey numbers and positions but rely on other roster attributes like school, className, and hometown. Choose what you want displayed on your roster cards.


When the season’s over and you’re ready to move on, GroupSpot lets you easily roll one season into the next. Preserve your best content (posts, competitions, rosters, etc.), while making the transition to the new season seamless for team members.

RSVP & Availability

On GroupSpot, RSVP and Availability extend to both players and all group members. So you can have an accurate player headcount for the big competition, but also a headcount for the end-of-season BBQ which includes everyone (players, parents, extended family, coaches, etc.).

Task Lists

GroupSpot allows you to attach a task list to any post. You can even assign blocks of time and specific members to the tasks. It’s also easy to undo these assignments if things change. With teams, this is especially helpful at any big competition or event when you need parent chaperones, help with concessions, or just an extra set of hands.


When you attach a location to a competition or practice post, it’s automatically geo-coded. Just tap the location icon and it takes you right to your driving directions.

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