Why GroupSpot?

Just as privacy is a core value in your real life, GroupSpot makes it a core value in your digital life. We don’t care who you’re friends with, who you vote for, or what you like to buy. That’s your business, not ours.


Your Privacy is at the Core of Our Beliefs.

At GroupSpot, our privacy policy can be summed up pretty easily: because we don’t sell advertising, and we certainly don’t sell other information to third parties, your personal data is of no value to us. We don’t care who you’re friends with, where you work, who you support politically, or what media you consume. That’s your business, not ours. And just as privacy is a core value in your real life, GroupSpot makes it a core value in your digital life.

We’ve changed the conversation by changing the business model. The advertisers have been replaced with a freemium subscription model, eliminating the incentive to collect and monetize your data. By putting privacy first, we’ve incorporated some much needed social responsibility into the world of social networks, and thus created GroupSpot.


Real People, Real Network.

GroupSpot was designed to bring your online and real life groups together. These are the people in your every-day life: family, community groups, school friends, faith groups, alumni, teammates, and more. These groups are the real-life social networks we build our lives around. You can now have meaningful relationships with your groups on your terms.

People are busy and shouldn’t be weighed down by their communications. Everything you do online -- email, group text, and standalone apps -- can now live under one roof in one app on GroupSpot. No more runaway email threads, mysterious group texts, and single-purpose apps. GroupSpot was designed to preserve your valuable free time and make group organization easy and efficient through simple, intuitive design. We want you to check in, check out, and get back to your regularly scheduled life.

Take back your social privacy

“As an entrepreneur and business owner, I use social marketing platforms to promote my business every day. But now more than ever, I think it's urgent we look for new ways and companies that offer social platforms that can be trusted with our privacy and data. There is no doubt in my mind that the world is not a better place due to the practices of biggest and most powerful social networks. I'm hopeful that GroupSpot, with their promise that we can trust them with our privacy and data, becomes the new household name in this space.”

Michael Bruno1stDibs Founder,
Valley Rock Inn & Mountain Club Owner

Mental Health & Wellness

You’d Don’t Have to “Like” It

Just because there’s an arms race for your attention, it doesn’t mean you have to ‘like’ it.

The arrival of the smartphone has radically changed every aspect of our lives, and the lives of our children, from the nature of their social interactions to their mental health. We all know too much screen time is unhealthy, oftentimes making us unable to concentrate or connect. This is especially true for developing minds still discovering a sense of self. When you match a state-of-the-art supercomputer against an 8th grader, it's no surprise our kids don't stand a chance. Spending countless hours awash in an endless scroll of stimuli impairs their ability to connect with the real world, erodes self-confidence, and is no way to grow up. Our children deserve better, we owe it to them.

Even more alarming is the growing need to be constantly connected and unable to be alone in our thoughts. What is the cost of the elimination of the imagination of an entire generation? We are in the midst of an existential epidemic and no one is willing to admit it. This is a darkly disturbing trend whose impact won’t truly be appreciated for years to come.

We know social platforms are here to stay, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay the same. At GroupSpot , we’ve taken a boldly different approach to engagement. We believe the platform should be the catalyst, not the end game. By design you won’t find likes, shares, follows and streaks. They were purposely never built into the app. We’re not a broadcast network nor do we have aspirations to be one. There’s enough science out there to suggest these dopamine-feeding features aren’t good for us, and not good for our children. They were created to promote greater engagement, and thus greater advertising revenue, for the big platforms. They’ve been wildly successful but not without a cost to our mental health and wellness.

In the end, we know kids will inevitably discover social platforms, so what better way to responsibly introduce the ABCs of online, social engagement than within the safety and privacy of a group on GroupSpot.


Safety By Design

What began with a promise of being open and connected has left us exploited and unprotected.

We’ve all done stupid things online we wish we could have deleted the next day. On the big platforms, nothing disappears... ever. And it’s all searchable by anyone who wants to find it... forever. At GroupSpot, you’re in control with what you want to share, with whom, whenever.

That photo of you doing a keg stand in college will never be seen by a future employer. That emotional rant about the girl who broke your heart last summer will never see the light of day. And your high school crush will never find out who you married or what your kids look like.

With GroupSpot, you’ll only interact with people you know. Safety by design - because people naturally respect and protect people in the groups to which they belong. And if you’re ever bored or disinterested with a group on GroupSpot, you don’t have to abandon ship, you can simply leave that group or go create a new group. Belong on your terms on GroupSpot.

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