Life is Better on GroupSpot

GroupSpot is the home for your real-life groups, teams, and social circles. From school associations to sports teams to nonprofits, GroupSpot is the single app solution helping build and strengthen your community in a private, high trust environment.

We Take a Custom Approach

Not all groups are the same. Everyone knows a sports team has different needs than a book club. They shouldn’t be limited to the same features. On GroupSpot, you’ll find custom features and attributes for select groups.

Perfect for Any Group

And for everyone else who share many of the same feature needs, custom groups offer the full suite of features you’d expect: member directory, calendar, photos/albums, videos, mass communications and advanced features. You can also mix-and-match feature sets like celebrations, pets, and roster, depending on the nature of the group. Flexibility and utility for all.


GroupSpot is not social media, we’re efficient, app-based communication that’s fun to use with privacy at the heart of the application. You’re not shouting to the world on GroupSpot, you’re just engaging with your group. Just as privacy is a core value in your real life, GroupSpot makes it a core value in your digital life.

Control the Noise

Joining a new group should be fun, not overwhelming. GroupSpot lets you set the volume levels on your notifications and email preferences on a group-by-group basis. We want you to check in, check out, and get back to your regularly scheduled life.

Can I Start a Group?

Uh, yeah! Starting a group is super easy. Your new group will thank you for getting them off email, group text, and single-purpose apps. And when you’re up and running, it won’t take long before you see your community come together in your new home on GroupSpot.

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