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Getting together should be fun, not work.

We know running a group is hard work. Admins are overwhelmed by responsibility and group members are overrun by notifications. Don't let your communications weigh the group down by relying on email, group text, and multiple apps.

We’ve taken the friction out of running groups, both large and small, by delivering communications that are fun to use with privacy at the heart of the experience.

The Swiss Army Knife of Group Communications

On the simplest level, GroupSpot replaces the barrage of stand-alone apps that we use every day for events, RSVP, signups and forms. On the advanced side, GroupSpot offers features like Subgroups and Sister Groups to geek out on for the engineer in all of us.

Belong. On Your Terms.

Just as privacy is a core value in your real life, GroupSpot makes it a core value in your digital life. We don’t care who you’re friends with, who you vote for, or what you like to buy. That’s your business, not ours.

Flexible, Diverse, & Accessible

Hear how others are using GroupSpot to communicate better.

Expanded footprint in academics

“We recently ran a pilot with GroupSpot around our largest National History Bee & Bowl state championship tournament of the academic year, and it was a massive success. Whether it was providing the latest score updates, playoff announcements, or the list of students who passed the qualifying exams, GroupSpot helped us get this important information to coaches, students, and parents in near real time. We also loved the ability to take and share photos and albums which added a nice human element to our event. We’re excited to expand our GroupSpot pilot program to include our upcoming slate of academic competitions, including our National and World Championships later this year.”

David MaddenFounder, International Academic Competitions
& 19-Day “Jeopardy!” Champion

All your groups in one place

“I use GroupSpot for my recipe club and my son’s football and lacrosse teams. With GroupSpot, our monthly recipe club meetings are made easy with RSVP and Calendar. We also use Task Lists to divvy up responsibilities - who’s on appetizers, entrée, wine, dessert, etc. And it’s a great place to share recipes. In sports, I love using Rosters to identify the players on the field and their parents in the stands. Shared Photo Albums are pretty amazing too. We have an army of parent photographers who now have an easy way to share their best game shots. It’s more effective than email and less annoying than a group text. It’s how people communicate today.”

Ellen McNamaraInterior Stylist / Supermom

Safe haven for families

“Our family uses GroupSpot because it gives us something in short supply online these days: real privacy and a safe place for our children to use social media. I also use it to follow my old high school football and basketball teams. I was happy to highlight GroupSpot recently on ‘Sunday Today’ as a privacy-first alternative to Big Social.”

Willie GeistNBC’s “Sunday Today with
Willie Geist”

Successful pilot opens doors to other teams and clubs

“GroupSpot ran their first sports team pilot with our football team who had a miracle season. Over the course of the season, that community grew to well north of 400 members and continues to grow. That success opened the doors for other teams like volleyball, wrestling, tennis, cheer, boys and girls basketball and lacrosse. Even the marching band and a few academic teams are now on GroupSpot. We’ve gone so far as to create a Sports Internship Program with GroupSpot. This gives kids who have a passion for sports, technology, content, and journalism the opportunity to cover their favorite school teams. ”

Keith CookRidgewood High School
Athletic Director

Take back your social privacy

“As an entrepreneur and business owner, I use social marketing platforms to promote my business every day. But now more than ever, I think it's urgent we look for new ways and companies that offer social platforms that can be trusted with our privacy and data. There is no doubt in my mind that the world is not a better place due to the practices of biggest and most powerful social networks. I'm hopeful that GroupSpot, with their promise that we can trust them with our privacy and data, becomes the new household name in this space.”

Michael Bruno1stDibs Founder,
Valley Rock Inn & Mountain Club Owner

Groups on GroupSpot

Tired of runaway email threads, mysterious group chats, and stand-alone apps? Get on GroupSpot. GroupSpot accommodates groups of all sizes and variety with its robust feature set. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a faith group, rotary club, or sports team, GroupSpot helps you communicate better.

Families on GroupSpot

Share meaningful moments and big wins with the wider family: curtain call at the grade school play, mom crossing the finish line in the local 5k, and dad’s epic fail on the trampoline. And in between, GroupSpot ensures you’re on top of all your family birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries.

Learn more about Families

Teams on GroupSpot

Whether you’re an organized team playing competitive ball, a casual group of friends playing pickup, or a fully supported booster club, GroupSpot helps teams stay ahead of the competition by improving their communications, operations and overall engagement with special features like Games, Rosters, and Shared Photo Albums.

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Book Clubs on GroupSpot

While other apps are focused on selling you books and collecting your data, GroupSpot’s only interest is your Book Club. We make your monthly meetings great by sharing important details like discussion topics, RSVPs, and host messages. We’ve also created a home for your past books where you can access, rate, and review any book ever read by your Book Club.

Learn more about Book Clubs

School Organizations on GroupSpot

At a time when things are changing quickly at our schools, streamlined communication is paramount. From sharing everyday school news to offering a custom, digital directory, our community of parent volunteers deserve a platform they can count on to serve their many needs.

Learn more about School Organizations

Group Communication Simplified

Customize GroupSpot's features to help your group communicate more easily

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Personalize Your Experience

Create personal or professional profiles to suit each group. Customize which notifications and alerts you receive separately for each group that you’re a member of. You also control how much or how little personal contact information you want to make available on a group-by-group basis.

Shared Photo Albums

GroupSpot gives you the ability to turn a standard photo post into a shared photo album so that all members can contribute to and download from a centrally located album. This is an especially engaging feature around vacations, games, or any other shared experience.

Mass Communication

GroupSpot delivers every type of communication: push notifications, in-app alerts, & emails. If an event is cancelled due to poor weather, you can easily notify everyone with the push of a button. No more worrying about gathering contact details and managing unwieldy contact lists. And if you’re an advanced user, you can target mass communications across a matrix of sister groups and their respective subgroups.

Subgroups & Sister Groups

Subgroups allow communications to be parsed into smaller groups within the larger group to cut down the noise. And similar to the efficiency of subgroup communications, Sister Groups do so on a larger scale, connecting two groups together – allowing you to crosspost content albums and events between the two. If you oversee your local chapter, but looking to connect with a sister chapter, you can connect the two on cross-chapter initiatives like fund-raising and recruiting.

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